Melody Atelier does composing, lyric writing, and arrangements for films, TV programs, movie trailers, advertisements, and J-Pop music. We specialize at composing eastern orchestral music, music for films and TV shows, and music for trailers. In addition, we compose music of a wide variety of genres, including orchestral, folk, heavy metal, pop, as well as EDM music.


What's New (2018/6/18)

New Releases!!


Treasure Hunter 3 is an fun, quirky, and vibrant orchestral album with invigorating chase motifs, big cinematic string arrangements, powerful percussion patterns, catchy horn and brass themes, with dramatic, sparse and intriguing openings. Composed by Presto'C. Released by Revolt Production Music.

Album Cover Art by Ryo Ishido-Brighton. Video created by Premium Music HQ.


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